Eliminate Paper & Frustrations

Backflow is about insuring water safety, not focusing on paperwork

The average backflow tester spends more time filling out test reports than actually testing. Our goal at C3 is provide testers with more time to do what they are good at… testing! Our clean and simple user interface will only display the relevant data entry points on your mobile device. We don’t overwhelm you with unnecessary text on a small screen. Device and customer information is automatically populated from what is already stored in your database. 

Use the technology already in your pocket

Backflow work happens in the field. Fill out backflow test reports on your phone, tablet, or laptop and view the results from anywhere. No more triplicate-carbon-copies.

C3 is cloud based so you do not need to download any software onto the device. And we are compatible with all device types (Apple, Android, Windows, etc..)

If you would like an app for your phone we have you covered!


We can help you work smarter, not harder

A PDF backflow test report will be instantly generated when a test is completed. The tester signature is stored electronically and added to each form automatically, along with the customer and device information. No more filling out addresses, names, and devices that remain the same each year. There is no limit to the amount of data and history that can be stored within C3.

Stop printing and stuffing envelopes, go green with C3!

You can email the signed test report to the water purveyor, customer and any others who may require a copy, directly from C3. No need to open a separate email and attach the report, we handle all of that for you!

If the water purveyor requires you to log into another system to submit test results, we can work with you to automate this action and save you even more time! If they don’t happen to accept electronic test reports, you can print the reports and mail them in.

Ready to get started?