At C3, we are changing the game with our revolutionary backflow prevention software solution. Our mission is to allow for more time to be focused on maintaining a healthy water system and less on paperwork. See below to learn how we can help you.

Eliminate Paper & Frustrations

  • Compatible with the mobile devices you are already using today (Apple & Android)
  • Simple, smart user interface that only displays the information you need to see
  • Instantly generate PDF test reports for submission to Water Purveyors without duplicate data entry
  • Electronically submit test reports via email – If you are required to log into a separate system for submitting results, we can automate it!

Securely Host Your Data in the Cloud

  • Your data is available whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere
  • No need to download software or maintain your own server, we handle that for you!
  • Real time maintenance and feature releases without service interruption
  • 24 hour performance monitoring

Empower Your Customers

  • Schedule backflow tests online
  • View past test reports
  • Pay for backflow tests online
  • Update contact information

Schedule Efficient Routes

  • Proactively create routes and assign them to specific testers
  • Easily search and sort through your customers and devices for adding to routes
  • Optimize routes for maximum efficiency or organize based on your own needs
  • Manually move pins on the map when devices are located on large properties

Exceptional Customer Support

Live chat with the C3 Team

Real-time demos & training included

Average response within 4 minutes

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our team’s experience prior to C3 consists of 10 years testing backflow devices in the field, 15+ years in Enterprise IT, and 10 years customer success and program management. With our varied backgrounds, you can rest assured our team understands backflow and will continually integrate your feedback into our innovative solution.

What do our customers have to say?

The tech support we get from C3 is beyond fabulous. They answer our questions and concerns in a very timely manner… C3 has made the transition much easier than anticipated. … We have been very satisfied with C3 and would recommend them…

–Candace. Hanks Plumbing & Gasfitting. Alberta, Canada.

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